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Hadassah Magazine
When Sharona (Regelson) Tel-Oren was 3 years old, her father, Hebrew poet Abraham Regelson, daringly brought his large and lively family to Mandate Palestine from the United States. Sharona's precious dolls were left behind with a Cleveland friend, but when all nine of them made aliya, her father chronicled their journey in The Dolls' Journey to Eretz-Israel. Originally written in Hebrew, Sharona, now a grandmother, has translated her father's enchanting book into English. (Biblio Books, 118 pp. $12). The dolls came via auto ("a large red car…with a shiny nickel hood"), plane (Orville Wright's own flying machine) and ship to the port of Jaffa. Their further adventures, and misadventures, and their Zionist commitment endeared the dolls, through the generations, to the children of Israel.
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