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ESRA Magazine, April-May 2006: Article by Danny Bloch

A Dolls' Journey to Eretz-Israel

By Abraham Regelson
Published by Biblio Books Israel, 2004

An appreciation by Danny Bloch

It is often said that "nostalgia isn't what it used to be." However, reading the delightful children's tale of the trials and tribulations of making aliyah to pre-state Israel one seems to treasure memories of times long since past.

The book, written by Abraham Regelson first appeared in the 1930's as a serial in the Davar newspaper. It was so well received that it was shortly after published in book form.

It was the all-time favorite of many and especially of Naomi Shemer who often referred to it in interviews as her childhood's best book. For many years the book was not available at bookstores. It was recently republished and received with enthusiasm.

There is a story behind the story. It is the true story of Regelson's daughter Sharona Tel-Oren, who has (in retirement from being a flautist in both the Jerusalem Symphony and the Beersheva Symphony) decided to republish privately this sensitive tale of aliyah through the world of the dolls of Sharona. She also translated it into English for the benefit of new English-speaking immigrants, their children and grandchildren. The new edition includes the original illustrations by the celebrated Israeli artists Nahum Guttmann and Aryeh Navon.

It was because of illness that the family had to return to America. Sharona made aliyah once again, this time with her former husband, Hanoch Tel-Oren. Both of them, accomplished flute players, joined the Jerusalem Symphony - Kol Israel. They had seven children. One son - Imri - was murdered in 1978 at the age of 15 during the infamous terrorist attack on a bus on the coastal road. Sharona could not remain in Jerusalem and moved to Omer after joining the Beersheva Symphony. There she helped to found the Light Opera Group of the Negev.

Sharona now travels the country speaking and presenting her unique dolls while giving excerpts from this delicious and entertaining book.

Sharona Tel-Oren can be reached at:, and would be pleased to speak in English or Hebrew to groups. You can purchase the books directly from her.
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