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Lecture/presentation offer:
A retired professional musician living in Omer, near Be'ersheba in Israel, I have recently rereleased a historic book, written over seventy years ago by my late father, the poet and author Abraham Regelson. It first appeared in the children's supplement of the newspaper Davar in 1934, and in book form in 1935, with subsequent editions over the years. Unavailable since the 1980's, Masa Habubot l'Eretz-Israel has now been published in two versions: in the original Hebrew, and in my English translation, as The Dolls' Journey to Eretz-Israel. As the heroine of the book the real-life "mother of the dolls", I have added to both versions my own Prologue and Epilogue, where I describe the background of the book, which is based on the author's family's aliya from America to pre-state Israel in 1933, and what life was like for a new oleh in those days..

I would like to offer your public an entertaining and informative lecture/presentation on the book, which includes visual aids like finger-size puppets and mini-scenery, Presented either in Hebrew or in English, it is suitable for the young at heart, male or female, of all ages.

You can reach me at 08-6460371 or 050-6709391, or at

Sharona Tel-Oren

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