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History of Neuman Literary Award
The NYU Pride / "Hear O Israel" / January 6, 1977
‭By ‭Devorah Preiss

‭The Irving and Bertha Neuman Literary Award was first presented in 1962 to the late S.Y. Agnon, an Israeli novelist who won the 1966 Nobel Prize in Literature.

‭The award originated when Mr. Neuman, a New York realtor, and his wife Bertha, contacted Professor Abraham Katsh, and told him of their desire to honor an outstanding author of Hebrew Literature. Katsh introduced them to NYU's program that teaches both Modern and Biblical Hebrew.

‭The result of the match, the Neuman Literary Award, "has become a badge of distinction," according to Nathan Winter, Chairman of the Hebrew Culture Institute. The award consists of a citation and a cash prize of $1000. Presented bi-annually in New York and alternately in Jerusalem, the award's past winners include, Dov Sadan, Uri Zvi Greenberg, Haim Hazaz, Lea Goldberg, Gershon Shofman, Aaron Zeitlin, Shimon Halkin, Israel Efros, Reuven Avinoam, Gabriel Preil, and Sh. Shalom.

‭The panel of judges for this year's award were Dr. Abraham Katsh, Professors Moshe Davis and Dov Sadan of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Professor Hayim Leaf of Yeshiva Universtiy, Dr, Nathan Winter, director, and Professor Emeritus David Rudavsky of NYU's Institute of Hebrew Culture.

‭The next Neuman Literary Award will be presented in 1977 by NYU President Sawhill in Jerusalem.
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