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Regelson Honored With Neuman Literary Award
Contribution to Hebrew Letters Cited at NYU Reception

The NYU Pride / "Hear O Israel" / January 6, 1977
‭By Sharon Lee Dobuler

‭In a simple, but moving ceremony Abraham Regelson received the 1976 Newman Literary Award for his distinctive contribution to Hebrew Literature as an outstanding poet and writer.

‭More than fifty-six years after the first publication of his poetry in Miklat magazine, Regelson became the latest recipient of the award at the age of 80. He was presented with a literary citation and a check for $1000.

‭"Regelson is a product of the American milieu and education," said Dr. Nathan Winter, Chairman of the Institute of Hebrew Culture and Education, and the first speaker at the ceremony.

‭Israeli Consul-General Azaryah Rappaport noted that Regal means holiday in Hebrew, and said: "What better lights to look through to Chanukah than those of poetry and thought as represented by Abraham Regelson."

‭At the December 13 presentation at Bobst Library he saw many of his American friends and relatives for the first time since he emigrated to Israel soon after it became a nation. The poet's niece, Cynthia Ozick called her uncle an idealist who "translated the words of promise into action by emigrating to Israel."

‭Also speaking at the preceding were NYU President John Sawhill, Chancellor Sidney Borowitz, Chairman of the Committee of Judges of the Neuman Literary Award, Professor Abraham Katsh and Professor David Rudavsky.

‭A tearful Regelson, who has translated the poetry of many American and English poets into Hebrew, read in closing his translation of a Longfellow poem.
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