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Critical Articles
 Year By  Article
1945Kabakoff, J. A Hebrew Philosophical Poet
1958Bavli, H. Some Aspects of Modern Hebrew Poetry
1973Arad, M. Beit Hanitzotz / The House of the Spark
1973Flantz, R. Two Poems (Shirotayim) by Abraham Regelson
1977Dobuler, S.L.Regelson Honored With Neuman Literary Award
1977Ozick, C.The Idealist
1977Preiss, D.History of Neuman Literary Award
1977Rosenthal, R.Regelson The Poet As Dreamer
1977Rudavsky, D.Abraham Regelson - A Reflective Hebrew Poet
1977Stadtler, B.Noted Hebrew Poet Returns Briefly to Cleveland
1995Band, A.J.On the poem "Inscribed Are Your Letters" by Abraham Regelson
2007 Katz, G. / Nevo, G. Two Perspectives on Abraham Regelson's "HAKUKOT OTIYOTAYICH"